Land Use Department
The Building Department enforces Connecticut Building Codes on all new construction in Killingworth. The department:
  • Reviews plans for construction of new buildings, additions, and accessory structures, including workplace safety measures
  • Issues permits and certificates of occupancy
  • Conducts worksite and property inspections
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How many horses may I keep on my property?
A. Three horses are allowed on the first two acres, and three horses for each acre after that. Horses may not be kept on a lot of less than two acres.

Q. How far off my property line does my garage, shed, or addition have to be?
A . All structures are required to be 30 feet off the side and rear property lines, 40 feet from the front property line and 100 feet from any wetlands.

Q. Is there any relief from the setback requirements?
A . If there is a unique situation where a hardship can be established that is related to your property and is not common to every other property, you may apply to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance.

Q. What size sign can I have in the Rural Residence District?
A. You are allowed one resident name sign not exceeding two square feet in area and not illuminated.

Q. How high may a building be?
A. Not over 35 feet.

Q. May I build on a lot served by an easement or right of way?
A. No, unless the lot does not have frontage on a public street, the lot has been owned distinctively and separately from any other lot since May 25, 1957, and the lot does not abut any other land under the same ownership that has frontage on a public street.

Q. What permits do I need for Solar?
A. For Residential roof-top solar, a Building and Electrical Permit with a WorkOrder# from Eversource. Call for special pricing. For Residential Ground-Mounted Solar or All Commercial Solar- same permit requirements, but use Fee Schedule (Footprint packet fee).

Q. What permits are required for all Pools?
A. A Footprint packet (bldg., zoning, wetlands, and sanitation application) available under downloadable forms.

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