Description: South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority 90 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT 06511 AGENDA Regular Meeting of Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 12:30 p.m.

A. Safety Moment
B. Meet as Audit-Risk Committee: D. Borowy 1. Approve Minutes - March 15, 2018 special meeting 2. Review progress of Internal Audit: L. Discepolo 3. Review Committee FY 2019 work plan
C. Meet as Pension & Benefit Committee (Special Meeting): S. Sack 1. Approve Minutes - April 19, 2018 meeting 2. Resolution to Increase FY 2018 Pension Contribution: R. Kowalski
D. Consent Agenda 1. Approve Minutes ? April 19, 2018 meeting 2. Capital Budget Authorization - June 2018 3. Capital Budget Transfer Notifications (no action required) 4. Consider and act on exemptions from public bid for FY 2019 5. FY 2019 Strategic Focus & Global Metrics 6. Monthly Financial Report ? April 2018 7. Accounts Receivable Update ? April 2018
E. Finance: R. Kowalski 1. Consider and Act on resolution authorizing revisions to the General Bond Resolution
F. Authority Member Discussion ? Corporate Culture

G. Updates: L. Bingaman 1. AMI Update: B. Nesteriak 2. DPH Assessment Fee Update: L. Discepolo and R. Kowalski
H. Reports on RPB Committee Meetings
I. Meet as Compensation Committee: J. Cermola 1. Approve Minutes - January 18, 2018 meeting 2. Discussion of Management Bonus Program ? Including Executive Session: D. DiGianvittorio
J. Act on matters arising from Committee meetings
K. Executive Session
L. Approve FY 2019 Budgets and authorize filing with Trustee

*RPB is excused at Item I.2
Location: Sargent Dr., New Haven
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018
Time: 12:30pm EDT
Priority: 5-Medium
Access: Public
Updated: Friday, May 11, 2018 1:52pm GMT

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