RSD #17 Board of Education

DATE: December 5, 2017 TIME: 7:30 PM LOCATION: Central Office (Board Room)

1. Call to Order/Opening of Meeting

2. Nomination and Election of Board of Education Officers A. BOE Chair B. BOE Vice Chair C. BOE Treasurer D. BOE Secretary

3. Discussion of Board Committee Leadership and Membership

4. Public Comment

5. Approval of Minutes A. Approval of Minutes for the November 14, 2017 Board of Education ? Board Workshop Meeting B. Approval of Minutes for the November 14, 2017 Board of Education Meeting

6. Report from Student Representatives

7. Board Committee Reports and Future Meetings A. Facilities Subcommittee B. Finance Subcommittee C. Policy Subcommittee D. Communications Subcommittee E. Personnel and Evaluation Subcommittee F. Strategic Capital Planning Subcommittee

8. Board Liaison Reports A. Healthy Communities ? Healthy Kids Council B. LEARN C. Park & Recreation D. Haddam Board of Selectmen E. Killingworth Board of Selectmen

9. Old Business A. High School Energy and Facilities Upgrade a) Report from Public Building Committee B. Strategic Facilities Planning Committee

10. Consent Agenda The donations on the Consent Agenda are made to the school system as a whole, and the Superintendent may direct any monies to specific schools or programs at his discretion.

A. Acceptance of a donation in the amount of $33.62 from Lathrop Vending, Inc. Submitted by Principal Donna L. Hayward, Haddam-Killingworth High School.

11. New Business A. Budget Timeline 2018/2019: First Read B. School Calendar 2019/2020: First Read

12. From the Superintendent A. Legislative Update B. Personnel Report C. Enrollment Report

13. From the Director of Fiscal Operations A. Budget Transfers

14. Board Discussion/News/Suggestions

15. Public Comments

16. Adjournment
Location: Central Office
Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Time: 7:30pm EST
Priority: 5-Medium
Access: Public
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