Parmelee Farm Committee
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Parmelee Farm Committee Charge
The Parmelee Farm Committee is charged with developing and managing Parmelee Farm so as to connect our community to the natural environment and cultural heritage of Killingworth through education, agriculture, preservation, passive recreation, and the arts. Specifically:
  • Oversee development and management of the site according to the master plan;
  • Coordinate the use of the site, with attention to security, safety, preservation of the farm, and fairness;
  • Create a long-term plan for management of the farm.
Killingworth Community Gardens
The Killingworth Community Gardens' mission is to provide residents with an opportunity to come together for the purpose of food production, environmental education and to encourage multi-generational gatherings. Individuals and groups at all levels of gardening expertise are welcome.

The gardens are located at Parmelee Farm, 465 Route 81, just north of the HK Middle School. The 132-acre town-owned property is open to the public for passive recreation. The 19th century farmhouse is now the home of the Killingworth Historical Society. Parking is available in a main parking lot off the road.

Town of Killingworth
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