Long-Term COVID-19 Recovery Committee
Agendas for this Committee are listed on the Town Calendar
Charge to the Long-Term COVID-19 Recovery Committee:
The Long-Term COVID-19 Recovery Committee is charged with investigating the following questions through outreach to all sectors of the community, for the purpose of providing information to the State of Connecticut and the town, and for making recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for town actions.
  1. What kinds of help do our residents need to deal with the consequences of job loss?
  2. What kinds of help do our businesses need to remain viable in Killingworth?
  3. How should town services be reconfigured to protect workers and residents?
  4. What do our first responders need in order to handle changing demands?
  5. Are there any local ordinances or regulations that need to be changed?
Town of Killingworth
323 Route 81, Killingworth, CT 06419
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